• I seemed to have missed out on a weekly post, quel horreur! The veganing is still going steady and thank you so much for all the recipes, food and other suggestions, they have been a great help and motivator.
    I […]

  • One whole week of being vegan and I have to say it is much easier than I could have ever imagined! Although there is always the slight longing look when the rest of my family is eating cheese, being vegan has […]

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    I just had Thai the other night! Thank you for the suggestion :)

  • Well, I think it’s fair to say that there are some things you simply never in visage yourself doing and I’m sorry to say that going vegan was one of them. Considering that my favourite foods include cheese and […]

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    I have to say I’m a little nervous. I have been vegetarian for eight years now, and have scorned at vegans the entire time, “What’s the point?” I’ve repeatedly asked myself. However, after some thorough research I have decided to take the plunge. That’s right, I’ve decided to start riding my bike. Well that too, but mainly I’m going vegan…[Read more]