• Peter24 posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    I am really enjoying the challenges put forward by this Carbon Challenge. In our house we are implementing a lot of measures to cut down our bills and our carbon emissions. Very satisfying! Even the kids are getting into it!
    Our chook pen is providing immense pleasure to the whole family. The kids love getting the eggs, two a day now. Very pleasing!

    • Hi @Peter24 great to hear that you and your family are using the Carbon Challenge to cut down on bills and emissions! That’s what we like to hear… :) Keep sharing the stories.

    • @Peter24
      I love chooks and am very jealous. My yard is a bit small and my Pet Greyhound would eat them for an in between meal snack. Luckily my parents and my sister have farms so I have a good supply of beautiful dark orange eggs. I find there scratching and cackling very therapeutic.