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    I just discovered that my journey officially ends next week too. We didn’t manage to reduce our power unfortunately, I’m going to have to look closer at that one, but I have learned to garden, been on great […]

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    I had gone in with the intention of using the ideas in planning my garden, as we are in the process of over hauling it to produce food for my family. So I’m working on lots of plans.

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    Well the instructor made it really easy to understand, she’s great, with a lot of hands on experience. It’s aimed mostly at using permaculture in the standard neighbourhood block, and on the last class you get to […]

  • Well my vege patch is going great guns. I well and truely need to get more beds going, as I have baby veges that will need to be planted out in a few weeks.

    My baby lettuces are looking great, my tomatoes are […]

  • @Marg51510, I’d love to know how much it is too. I think we would need a couple of them.

  • So for the last 3 Saturdays I have been taking time out to go to an Introduction to Permaculture course at the environment centre. What a fantastic time I’ve had. I’ve made 2 new friends, and learned lots. Cally […]

  • Ooh @quietpurpletiger, that looks great. Its not much fun being allergic to bananas, but I dont like the taste these days.

  • Thanks @Apples. I’m going to try some sort of netting set up to protect them. I have them protected and in a wicking pot set up so they don’t dehydrate.

    I’m hoping to get another bed built before planting out […]

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    @quietpurpletiger, my husband teased me too that I cant grow anything. But what do you know, we have been eating tomatoes too and have some lovely food growing

  • I have some seeds for asian greens, bok choy etc. Now, should I plant them in seedling containers and transplant, or should I direct seed?

    Also, if I direct seed, can I plant them amongst the bush beans I have […]

  • ScrappyKat posted an update 7 years, 1 month ago

    Another great class today, I am really looking forward till next weeks.

  • @quietpurpletiger, my strawberries haven’t done so well either. I think they need a wicking pot…lol.

    I’ve put my shade up again today, its already so hot. I hope the family thinks to take it all down if it […]

  • I would totally make this if I wasn’t allergic.

  • I keep a bread bag from the last loaf, shake all the crumbs out. I take the new loaf, split it in half and put half in the old bag, seal the other one and put it in the freezer. This way I’m recycling and we eat […]

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    Hi @SRiver, The course on Saturday was terrific. Cally is so easy to listen too. There were quite a few people who had turned up. I’m really looking forward to going to this weeks session, its a great way to […]

  • @Apples, I bet that would taste great with some toasted italian bread rubbed with a little garlic.

  • So my first chilli is a day away from being ready to pick. It’s huge, its bright red, and its begging to be turned into chilli spaghetti. So I thought I’d share the recipe…

    1 packet of spaghetti, cooked as […]

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    @SRiver, will I be seeing you at the course tomorrow? I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Omg, I never realised how fast green beans grow. I planted seeds out less than 2 weeks ago, and the seedlings are now taller than my hand. Amazing. Everything is doing quite well, except for my spinach, I cant win with that for some reason.

  • I’ve really been having problems with the hot sun frying my vege’s in my wicking bed, and finally out of desperation I worked something out yesterday.

    I pulled the old plastic outdoor table from under the […]

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