• I’ve been planning Christmas gifts for people in my life today.

    I have a fairy tale theme – Rapunzel in her tower and the Princess & the pea.
    And fairies… Lots and lots of fairies!

    Brackets tomorrow for […]

  • Still thinking about each of my challenges. Very early days, so lots of thinking is good.

    A great deal has come out of the Electric Car Festival, in terms of new information, approaches, resources and tools. I […]

  • Day 2.

    I was Eco all day, in every way! Wrapped Rosy dog’s leavings in newspaper, switched off all not necessary appliances to reduced standby wastage (eg. standing lamp in living room.

    Today I went to the […]

  • Day One

    Progress report:

    Thinking about what a Home Energy Audit might reveal! I know about the draughts, window coverings and insulation issues already. The Energy Efficiency Rating is only 1 so there will […]

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