• Taryn posted an update 6 years, 9 months ago

    @ecoaction, I don’t appear to be getting points when I write blog posts – do you know why this is happening? Thanks

    • @Taryn I’ve wondered the same! I think they have to be read by someone before they are published! I think the points appear later – but i may be wrong!

    • @Taryn@Anna21 Same here regarding points. That makes me feel better girls. I thought it was just me doing something not quite right when my points did not register

    • @Anna21 @Swanney Right, well today when I’ve logged in it seems to have updated points from the last two blog posts I wrote… so perhaps it is just a bit of a delay! Perhaps I should stop wanting everything to be so instantaneous and go and do something constructive instead! ;-)

      • Actually, I don’t think it is giving me points when I write a blog post, only when I comment on other blog posts (I thought because the totally tally figure was going up it was sorting itself out, but now I’m back to thinking that isn’t the case and there is a glitch in the system). @ecoaction please help! :-)

    • @Anna21 @Swanney @Taryn – Just to let you all know that blog posts are moderated and so you won’t receive the points from your blog until you logon again after your blog has been approved. :)