• Taryn commented on the post, Cloth Nappies 6 years, 11 months ago

    Cloth nappies are wonderful! Personally I’ve used Baby Beehinds on our son since he was 3 weeks old and have loved them! I’m a big believer that you get what you pay for and if you commit to a single brand/ style […]

    • I actually found the opposite!

      I’ve found that having a range of brands has helped me stick with cloth. DD was in cloth since Day 3, & a range of brands have fit over time.

      While GloBugs & Bambooty were best when she was newborn, itti bitti & Baby Beehinds are better now she’s 2mo. & she has a range of brands for a variety of reasons: Pikapu for quick-dry, itti bitti for fit under clothes that aren’t made for cloth users, BBH petites for medium fit with better absorbency, BBH OSFM for nights, & several WAHM nappies cos they were on sale & are cute & fit well!

      But even with the one brand, different style nappies have worked with varying success! This is why I’m such an advocate of the nappy library – you can’t know what works until you try some! The ones I thought I’d like didn’t work on her, & others I thought would be too hard have been great!