• Taryn posted an update 7 years, 6 months ago

    Is anyone else struggling with this website at the moment? I keep seeing responses from people on Blog posts in the ”All activity” feed and then go to the blog post to respond to them and their comment doesn’t show… feeling a bit disjointed and frustrating. @ecoaction is there anything the tech guys can do to try and fix this?

    • @Taryn Yes have struggled withthe same website issues.

      • @Taryn @Swanney – This is a bit of a glitch that I have asked the web developers to fix. So I will keep everyone posted on this. However if in the meantime you read a blog post that appears in the activity feed that you would like to comment on – click on the link to the blog itself to respond. This way, there won’t be comments that only appear in the activity feed and not in the blog. The comment you make in the blog will then appear in the activity feed, but just make sure that again if you want to respond to the comment that you also return to the blog to do so. I hope this makes sense. I will make a note to inform everyone of this in the weekly email out this week. Posting in the Activity Feed is best for updates that aren’t related to the blogs.