• Taryn posted an update 7 years, 6 months ago

    Massive day! Feeling exhausted but also very glad to have achieved lots!!! I used Cheeky Monkey’s nap time to do some chop & drop weeding in the front garden and started spreading the mulched trees we had cut down a few weeks ago! Unfortunately once he woke up that was all over as he has an obsession with running into the street. Tonight once he was in bed I managed to get some sanding and varnishing done on the bunk bed pieces!!! Getting closer to completion!!!

    • @Taryn you are so motivated, sounds like you never have an idle moment

      • @Tracey don’t get the wrong idea! I have plenty of idle moments – when my Cheeky little Monkey will allow it!!! I just get sick of things not getting done and have spurts of energy sometimes…