• Hi @SRiver

    Thanks for the info. I have to admit I haven’t done much research on it myself, I’ve been told by a few people in response to my lack of interest in dishwashers “But they use less water and power […]

  • Hi @Ecoaction

    My partner has a computer connected to a large tv screen that gets a lot of use, he was leaving it on overnight for updates etc. so that was the first thing to change. Installing energy efficient […]

  • Hi @ecoaction

    On Monday, my partner and I will be riding our bikes down to and around the lake to see and participate in the events down there. We’ll probably see some of the music acts and multicultural […]

  • Hi @Ecoaction

    I’ve uploaded my electricity bills from Feb 13 (most recent one) and for Nov 12. This was the best comparison I could provide. Reason being, for this period in 2012 I was living in a share house, […]

  • So here we are in the last week of the Carbon Challenge. I personally think 12 weeks has gone way too quickly. Though it may have been quicker for me than some as I’m also expecting my first child (so lots has […]

  • Hi @ecoaction

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll hunt down my bills and get them to you!

  • Woyapp posted an update 7 years, 3 months ago

    I’m wondering how the electricity bill thing will work for those who were living in two different houses over the period in 2011/2012? I’m not sure that I have access to the electricity bills from the correct period… Hopefully this won’t affect me too much!

  • Hi @ScrappyKat, I would have loved to go to the permaculture workshops! I’m glad you enjoyed them.

    Unfortunately my last 3 Saturdays have been completely off the table. I will definitely go the next time they […]

  • @Marg51510, Do you mind if I ask how much it cost you to have it installed? Would it need to be installed only in a house that you owned, or could it work in a rental as well? This is one of my ‘challenges’ so I’d […]

  • @Apples
    We use old toilet paper rolls and compostable coffee cups (from those in my house who don’t use a keep cup) for planting seedlings in the garden. I love your idea of using old bread bags, I’ll have to […]

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    @klv9 it would be great if you could let me know, I’ll have a look into though and keep an eye out.


  • Woyapp commented on the post, The beginning 7 years, 4 months ago

    Actually An Inconvenient Truth might work. I’ll have to try that one. I’ll just have to catch him in a good mood to get him to watch it.

    The Day After Tomorrow is probably slightly too fictional, I think he’d […]

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    Thanks @klv9, I’ve read some of ‘Eaarth’ (for a uni assignment) and found I liked his style, so I may well look it up again. Unfortunately my partner really isn’t much of a reader, so I might have to find a movie […]

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    @quietpurpletiger Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep at it and hopefully he’ll come around. He’s good at recycling push bikes (his main passion), but nothing else sustainable seems to appeal to him much!

  • Well, I guess I should start with a bit about myself.

    I’m a mid-twenties full time worker and part time student (studying Environmental Science). I live with my De-facto partner and we are currently expecting […]